Information Technology (IT) Applications in Our Daily Life

Information technology has a wide range of applications in the real world. However, without IT, we can’t think of anything. For example, the mobile that you can’t live without. Likewise, all the advancements have an IT touch. Now, let’s see what the applications of IT in the real world are:


Information technology has a good advantage in agriculture, and it has many benefits for this sector, which are:

Greenhouse Gas Emission

It plays a vital role in this sector. That is because Information technology has been used for calculating wind speed, radiation, humidity, temperature, and many things so that these data can be used in favour of agriculture. However, IT has linked greenhouse gas emissions with wireless mobile phones.

Geographic Information System

With the help of IT, the geographic information system has been developed. It allows people to collect data on a historical and statistical basis that helps people to determine what to plant and where to plant. It has proved extremely beneficial for agriculture.

GPS for E-Survey

One of the widely used technologies that are extremely beneficial for agriculture is an e-survey that helps them to make maps, surveying for agriculture, and geo-fencing. Now, e-survey has become possible for GPS, and it is the direct result of IT advancement.


Drones are nowadays having a great application in agriculture. That is because drones are objects that can easily fly above the fields without any pilots, and they are most suitable for surveying, water irrigation, seed planting, collecting data, and other tasks.


The application of IT in the business sector are:

New Product Development

To keep up with the huge competition and modernization along with consumer’s taste, all business needs to create new products, or they should have to improve the existing products. And IT is helping them in this process. That is because the data that companies are gathering and processing can be used to create new products that will attract all the customers, and they can also improve the quality of the existing products easily.


Business communication before was very difficult and hard. That is because there was only a landline before to communicate with clients and other parties for business communications. But since the IT sector has advanced, business communication has become very easy and can be done within minutes via email and other medical platforms.

Secure and Fast Payments

While conducting business, it is crucial to make payments, and the amount is million and could be billions. But the traditional bank transfer and payment system were very hard and slow. But, IT development has made the payment system easy and fast. Now, people can transfer money and fund within minutes and use that money whenever they want. At the same time, they can make a huge number of payments via apps without any issue.


For business promotion and expansion, advertisement has no alternative. But advertisements have to be created with useful and genuine data so that consumers may like and be attracted to the product. And IT can help so that data can be gathered easily and proceed so that an ideal and effective advertisement can be made.

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